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The next time you need expert brake repairs or transmission work, call the team at Madison Muffler and Auto. We can do everything from replacing brake pads to full brake jobs. We also have a great amount of experience with transmission work. Take your vehicle somewhere that you know you will be getting top-quality service. We don’t skimp, we use quality parts, and we have affordable pricing. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. Pick up the phone and make an appointment today to get a free written estimate for any work that you think you may need. We’ll be happy to oblige.

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Not only is Madison Muffler and Auto able to do brakes and brake repairs, but we use top-quality parts. Get pads and rotors that will hold up by bringing your car to us. Our technicians will not only get the job done, but it will be done right. Schedule preventative maintenance so you can avoid expensive repair work. We can find any problems before things get expensive if you let us keep up on the health of your vehicle. Talk to us about what type of schedule would work for you. 

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A smoothly functioning transmission is necessary to the overall health of your vehicle. At Madison Muffler and Auto, we can troubleshoot any problems you may be having, but we can also help you keep an eye on things to make sure nothing gets out of hand. We recommend a check-up here and there to stop issues before they get pricey. If you are already experiencing problems, please call and make an appointment, and we’ll get you in right away. Our same-day service is something we’re proud to offer.


In addition to our brake and transmission services, Madison Muffler and Auto is also able to work with suspension problems and fix them quickly. If you think you’re having suspension issues, give us a call and we’ll take a look at no cost. A good suspension system not only provides comfort for the passenger, but it is also central to the wear-and-tear on your vehicle. Make sure you protect your investment. 

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